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Quercus petraea

Main features

Code AUS003
Native forest MISTELBACH
Country Austria
Region Lower Austria
Forest type -
Latitude (WGS84) -
Longitude (WGS84) -
Validated coordinates False
Altitude -
Altitude min -
Altitude max -
Altitude precision -
Species Quercus petraea
Number of lots 1 (click here to see lots)
Number of plots in provenance tests 4 (click here to see plots)
Number of trees in provenance tests 0 (click here to see trees)

Plot characteristics

Plot number (1989) ?
Plot number (2018) -
Slope of the harvest plot (code) -
Relied of the harvest plot (code) -
Exposure of the harvest plot (code) -
Soil name -
Class depth of soil -
Subsoil name -
Sylvoecoregion code (CODESER) -
Great Ecological Regions code (IGN) -
UC number -
Madsen network No
Code of the region of French provenance (Ducousso 2004) -
Code of the region of French provenance (reference at the time of installation) -